Montana Hunting Trips

Join JM Bar Outfitters this fall for a hunting trip of a lifetime. Hunt the Rock Creek drainage this fall for Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep or Mountain Grouse.

Elk Hunting Camp

We set of horses and pack in to hunting camp to hunt elk or mule deer. The day starts at 4:00am for the cook and guides, we have coffee and discuss the upcoming events of the day. Between 4:30 and 5:00 the guides catch, grain and saddle all stock that will be used that day. I will arrive at your tent approximately at 5:00 to light your stove and lantern and if you are lucky a cup of coffee. A hearty breakfast will be served at 5:30. Conversation will continue about the day’s hunt. Sometime before 6:30 visit the outhouse. We will be riding out around 6:30am with lunch, water, gun, daypack, etc.

We will be riding to the pre-arranged hunting spot usually between 45 minutes and 2 hours, where the horses will be tied for the day. Grab your lunch, water, daypack and gun., don’t forget the ammo! The hunting for the rest of the day will be on foot. You will arrive back at the horses in the evening tired and satisfied with a good day’s hunt and looking forward to a good camp meal. If you have harvested your elk, your guide will field dress it, likely it will be left overnight and the next day will be spent retrieving and packing it to camp or the ranch depending on time.

Call for dates, availability and pricing.  406-544-5249

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